Dissolvine® GL Chelating Agent

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Dissolvine® GL is a shining example of a sustainable, innovative material that can add value to your product. It offers added value from an economic and ecological perspective and should therefore be considered a cost effective, safe and greener chelating product.
Chelating agents act as preservative boosters by binding calcium and magnesium ions.
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Extended InformationDissolvine® aminopolycarboxylate-based chelating agents (examples of classic ones are EDTA and DTPA) are used extensively to control metal ions in water-based systems for countless applications. They are highly effective in the
control of water hardness ions and find wide application in cleaning surfaces, descaling boilers, processing textiles and preventing scale formation. For control of metal ion reactivity, they are an important tool for reducing the detrimental effect of metal catalysts in peroxide cleaners and in pulp bleaching for paper manufacturing, improving personal care formulations, stabilising food products and for pharmaceutical formulations. Finally, they are also used extensively to enhance the chemical and physical properties of metal ions ranging from metal plating, providing essential elements to growing plants and supplying iron for H2S gas scrubbing.
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CoA - 4432 (61.14 kB)
CoA - 6099 (61.36 kB)
CoA - 6833 (64.02 kB)
CoA - 8042 (LIQ028) (111.05 kB)
Addition - with the fragrance and preservative after the oil/water phases have been mixed and cooled.

Compatibility - no known incompatibility, and works well across all pHs.
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