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AOF Gel enables you to make oily gels that instantly turn into 'milk' on contact with water.

All technical documentation is available upon request.

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Extended InformationAOF Gel is based on sweet almond oil and is recommended for use with vegetable oils to obtain clear oily gels. It can also be used to make milks, lotions and creams by adding an oil phase followed by a water phase.

AOF Gel enables you to make oily gels that instantly turn into 'milk' on contact with water. It holds oils in place in a micro-emulsion and when water is added it changes into a cream or light lotion. Alternatively, use as an oily gel to formulate that instantly emulsify in water when used in the shower or bath.

AOF Gel is entirely based on sugar chemistry, making it ideal when formulating products from entirely natural ingredients.

Examples of how to use AOF Gel.
This simple light-yellow viscous fluid is extremely versatile as can be seen in the formulation brochure, but to get you started in preparing the simplest oily-gel here's a brief guide...

Using between 20% and 25% AOF Gel to 75% to 80% vegetable oil (suggest sweet almond oil as a trial product) pour the AOF Gel into a suitably-sized mixing bowl and have the vegetable oil in a jug ready to add to the AOF Gel slowly.

Using a standard hand-held electric food mixer (not a stick blender) set to a SLOW speed, stir the AOF Gel with the mixer whilst slowly drizzling the vegetable oil into the mixture. You will see the mixture begin to emulsify and start to form a gel-like substance. It is important not to 'whisk' the mixture but to use the food mixer to briskly stir, otherwise air will be introduced to the mixture which is not desireable.

Once the oily gel is formed you can easily add extra ingredients such as colour, fragrance and exfollients (simply stir them in to the mixture thoroughly) in order to form a product which is very versatile. For instance, this could be used in the shower or bath as a 'moisturising body polish'.

Alternatively you can combine AOF Gel with oils without the brisk stirring to make bath oils which can have added water in order to simply formulate bath milks and spray-lotions.

AOF Gel can be used to formulate a wide variety of products from light sprayable lotions and milks to body butters. It can be formulated with water or to be added to water. It can be used cold-process or at up to 80 degC, making it suitable to use in products where heat is required in the formulation.
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