Preservatives & Antioxidants

Preservatives are used in water-based products to prevent the unwanted growth of bacteria and moulds. A must have when increasing the shelf life of liquids such as shampoos. Antioxidants are commonly added to cosmetic formulations to help prevent unwanted chemical changes to the product that may occur due to oxidation. With amazing properties, Perservatives & Antioxidants are must-haves when formulating your own cosmetics and toiletries...

What is a preservative in cosmetics?

A preservative has physical action against microbes, often used in water-based formulations to prevent the unwanted growth of bacteria and moulds in your products. They preservative its original function and characteristics.

What is an antioxidant in cosmetics?

An antioxidant reduces the risk of colour and consistency changes which are caused by oxidation. Antioxidants, clear up free radicals that lead to unwated chemical changes, which can spoil your product. Oxidation changes the pH of your product and can cause separation, meaning bacteria is more likely to take hold and indirectly affect the preservation of a product.

What is the difference between a preservative and an antioxidant?

Preservatives prevent microbial growth in your formulations and antioxidants reduce oxidation in your products. Both resulting in a well preserved and more stable formulation with a lower risk of bacterial or structural damage.

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