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Containers and Packaging


Packaging Explained
Premium Packaging Option
  • Internally coated with epoxy phenolic laquer these aluminium bottles are perfect for a wide range of products and are fully recyclable

  • Heavy Duty aluminium flasks with matching lids, ideal for storage and shipping of essential oils etc.

  • Screwtop tins with wadded lids

  • Tin plate tins with push-fit lids. Tin Plate is generally not suitable to contain aqueous products as they will corrode.

  • Available in clear amber and black, PET remains the top choice in plastic packaging for liquid products because it is durable, resistant to many volatile contents and Fully Recyclable

  • Ideal for preservative free or natural formulations as they prevent the air from entering the container when dispensing the product, leading to longer shelf life.

  • Flairosol bottles offer a perfect and economically friendly solution to making your own aerosols and sprays. Propellant free and non pressurised, the bottle allows for both continuous and 360° spraying, and offers a near silent spray solution. The bottle has also been designed to give almost 100% evacuation of the contents, and keeps the bottle contents isolated from outside sources.

  • A selection of functional bottles with matching closures mainly available in natural finish.

  • Available in 120ml to 27.5 Lt capacity and shown in either white or clear as available

  • A selection of Jerricans in Natural or White as shown HDPE.

  • Containers for products such as make-up and lip care.

  • Empty, large self-seal filter bags. Ideal for use in Herbal Bath Teas

  • Clear and white PVC/paper labels. A4 sheets

  • Important: may need folding for transport

  • Important: may need folding for transport

  • Brown paper carrier bags and paper packaging

  • Small draw-string Organza bags

  • available by weight in various pack sizes

  • single or double-wall brown corrugated cardboard boxes

Containers and Packaging

Containers and Packaging

Bottles, Jars, Closures, Packaging and Labels

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