Seasonal Cosmetic, Toiletry & Home Fragrance Supplies

Stay up-to-date with all seasonal ingredients and supplies with our Seasonal Cosmetic, Toiletry & Home Fragrance category! Filled with new releases, high-quality seasonal ingredients, our collection boasts all the supplies you need to make your products pop. From soap-making to bath bombs, body butters and candles, we are your one-stop-shop for all your seasonal needs. Whether it’s for you, your customers or businesses, our collection is perfect for anyone looking to stay on top of the latest trends, with perfect seasonal products for all your Halloween, Christmas, and Spring needs - all in one place! From glassware to fragrances, seasonal moulds to accessories, get creative and check out our inventory now!


Seasonal Cosmetic, Toiletry & Home Fragrance Supplies

Let the joy of the holiday season twist and twirl its way into your product range with our Seasonal Cosmetic, Toiletry & Home Fragrance Supplies! Our range of products make it easier than ever to create unique cosmetic and home fragrance treasures. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced maker, you’ll find everything you need to let your creativity run wild and add a touch of seasonal delight.

Explore our exclusive range of soap, bath bomb, body butter, candle supplies and much more, in multiple seasonal ingredients for an amazing celebration of Christmas, Halloween, Spring and all the seasonal joys in between. Create a shower of Christmas dreams by making products scented with all the delightful scents of peppermint, gingerbread and vanilla. For an escape to Spring, bring floral joy into your creams and lotions with our selection of fresh and colourful ingredients or add a touch of warmth and character to your Autumn range with amber glassware and spooky moulds.

Our collections are full of fun and excitement at every turn, filled to the brim with glittery products to excite the senses. Dive into the wonderful world of DIY beauty and candle making with our Seasonal Cosmetic, Toiletry & Home Fragrance Supplies. Trust us to provide whatever you may need to make the holidays special and create products that will last forever.

Seasonal Recipes & Inspiration

If you're intrigued by the captivating realm of personal care and home fragrance making, whether it's for your own enjoyment, crafting heartfelt presents, enhancing your business, or adding a seasonal touch to celebrations like Halloween, Christmas, Spring, Autumn, and more, you've absolutely landed in the perfect spot! We are delighted to provide you with a myriad of valuable resources to enthusiastically plunge into this wonderful adventure. So, prepare yourself to eagerly roll up your sleeves and wholeheartedly embrace the inspiration and information on our blog...

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