Phenoxyethanol (Iscaguard PE)

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Phenoxyethanol is a versatile, widely used preservative for personal care formulations. It has a broad, balanced spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts, mould and fungi. For increased activity Phenoxyethanol EHG is a recommended alternative.

This liquid preservative is made by Iscaguard and has a legal maximum inclusion level of 1.0% in both leave-on and rinse-off products with an effective inclusion level of between 0.4% and 1.0%

Active Ingredients:... Phenoxyethanol..

EU INCI declaration: Phenoxyethanol.
MSDS (1.06 MB)
CoA - ISC03062 (96.66 kB)
CoA -ISC03576 (181.03 kB)
CoA - ISC03741 (79.10 kB)
CoA - ISC03404 (252.70 kB)
CoA -ISC03515 (210.20 kB)
CoA - ISC03817 (107.04 kB)
CoA - ISC21000 (106.99 kB)
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