Salt Scrub (or Sugar Scrub)


Salt or Sugar scrubs are exfoliating scrubs that moisurise and enrich the skin. Designed for use ideally in the shower, they combine the exfoliating effect of sea salt with the moisturising effect of Sweet Almond Oil and in this case has the enrichment of White Grapefruit essential oil, which can help with reducing the effects of cellulite, but you can choose your own essential or fragrance oil if you wish.


1) A 250ml screw-top jar.
2) Teaspoon measure.


Sea Salt (choose coarse or fine depending how exfoliating you'd like it) or Sugar (granulated)
Sweet Almond Oil, or alternative if desired (avocado or olive as suggestions)
5ml (1tsp) White Grapefruit Oil (or your choice of essential oil)
Polysorbate-80 (optional)
You may choose to use a different oil or a blend of oils as many will be ideal. Choose oils for their skin-care properties.

HOW TO.....

Very simple one this...
Take your open jar and fill almost to the top with sea salt (or granulated sugar).
Add 5ml of white grapefruit essential oil.
Top up with sweet almond oil, making sure you fill until the level of the oil is maintained just above that of the salt/sugar.
Now all you have to do is have the pleasure of using it. Sea salt scrubs are best used in the shower, but take care as the oiliness can make the surface slippery, which can be dangerous. Simply scoop a palm-full of the mixture into your hand and gently scrub over the skin. The salt will exfoliate whilst the oil/s will moisturise and soften the skin. Rinse off the excess and shower as usual.

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