Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Citrus Paradisi. Origin: USA
Grapefruit Oil is slightly tart and less sweet than Red or Pink Grapefruit.

More Information
Extended InformationThis essential oil is useful for more than just fighting cellulite and boosting your lymphatic system, it positively affects your mood and revives the mind while stimulating the digestive system and clearing up congested oily skin and acne. It has a sharp refreshing smell and is either a pale yellow or light ruby colour with a watery viscosity.
MSDS (406.08 kB)
Allergen Declaration (229.91 kB)
IFRA (383.98 kB)
CoA - 37781-01 (201.54 kB)
CoA - H6220 (38.95 kB)
CoA - H6220 (42.80 kB)
CoA - H6577 (38.99 kB)
CoA - KMO2369 (40.98 kB)
CoA - KMO3835 (46.32 kB)
CoA - KMO4247 (40.14 kB)
CoA - KMO837 (155.27 kB)
CoA - KMO3516 (164.87 kB)
CoA - KMO5247 (40.45 kB)
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