Funky Lip Gloss


This is such a simple product to make and it really does look great in the container with the colour swirling within the clear like a Lava Lamp.
We have a project pack available for this recipe to make 10 bottles.
It is important not to over colour this recipe as the pigment can stain if too concentrated.


1) A small stainless steel (or heat-proof) container
2) A teaspoon
3) A small funnel (optional but it makes things easier)
4) A 10ml clear glass roller-ball bottle

HOW TO.....

First, decide how many of these lip glosses you want to make and have the right number of mini-roller-ball bottles. Bearing in mind, if using our own bottles they are 10ml each, so you can work out the quantities of materials from the total of all the bottle capacities.
Fill each roller ball bottle at least 3/4 full with vegetable glycerine. This may be easier if you have a tiny funnel to use.
Next, take your castor oil (refined or BP grade only please) and put it in a small, preferably stainless steel container which can be gently heated over a hob (one of those 1/2 or 1 Cup measures with handles is ideal).
Take a very small amount of Red Insoluble Pigment (our ref KD403 on our website). It is important to only use an insoluble pigment as they are oil-soluble. Add this to the castor oil and stir in well over a gentle heat, making sure the pigment disperses fully and there's no 'spotting'. Make it up to the desired depth of colour a little at a time depending on how much castor oil you are colouring. Take the castor oil off the heat.
DO NOT OVERCOLOUR AS THE PIGMENT WILL STAIN. Add 2-3 drops of your chosen flavour per lip gloss bottle and stir in well.
Add a drop of Pure Vitamin E (natural preservative) per lip gloss bottle and stir in well.
Once cooled, add the coloured, flavoured castor oil to each lip gloss bottle, up to the neck and close the bottle with the roller-ball housing.
That's it...
You'll find that because the castor oil and glycerine have similar viscosities but reman separated, if you turn the bottle over and up again, a swirl of coloured castor oil will create a coloured pattern within the glycerine that looks similar to the effect of the wax in a Lava Lamp.

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