Zenicolor 5

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Zenicolor Pro5 is a fabulous colouring system specifically for Melt and Pour Soaps.
Simple and Clean to use it comes in convenient lidded containers which are easy to measure from.
Not Only that, but Zenimixer makes mixing virtually ANY colour absolute simplicity using your Smartphone or Tablet.
These Colours are NON-Bleed and maintain Complete Transparency. The perfect solution to your colouring problems.
See below examples of Melt & Pour Soaps coloured using Zenicolor Pro....


Non-Bleed makes layering simple


Vibrant colour even in opaque soap


Incredible transparency maintained


Mix virtually ANY colour easily with Zenimixer


Clean to use

The Contents

Each of the 5 tubes contains 30g of coloured paste and each set is sufficient to colour between 12Kg and 20Kg of clear soap base*.
It is recommended when using this product in opaque soap bases to mix the whitened base 50/50 with clear base to dilute the titanium dioxide content and help make the colours go further. Where there is not both a clear and white version of the same soap base we realise this recommendation may not be feasibly possible.
* = Factory sourced data.

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