Zenicolor 5

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Non-Bleed Transparent Colours for Melt & Pour Soap to make mixing any colour incredibly simple.

ci74260 - Green
ci74160 - Blue
ci51319 - Purple
ci21108 - Yellow
ci73915 - Pink/Red (Purple)

More Information
Extended InformationZenicolour 5 is a brand new product specifically for colouring Melt and Pour Soap

It is Non-Bleed and maintains Complete Transparency.

Simple and Clean to use, it comes in convenient paste form in tubes with it's own mixing guide card. 5 colours which can mix to virtually ANY colour you wish.

Each of the 5 tubes contains 30g of coloured paste which is sufficient to colour between 12Kg and 20Kg of soap base*.

It is recommended when using this product in opaque soap bases to mix the whitened base 50/50 with clear base to dilute the titanium dioxide content and help make the colours go further. Where there is not both a clear and white version of the same soap base we realise this recommendation may not be feasibly possible.

* = Factory sourced data.
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