Wedo ECO Wick Raw
Wedo ECO Wick Raw

Wedo ECO Wick Raw

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Our Wedo ECO Wick Raw, is a five metre wick length available in 12 different thicknesses. You can find the perfect wick to match the container or mould you are using. You can even upscale to larger candles with this wick...
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Adjustable Wholesale Wicks

Our high-quality Wedo Eco Wick comes in five metre lengths, making it perfect for measuring the right length wick for your candles. This pure cotton wick, has an untreated and unwaxed finish that works well for a range of candle waxes including paraffin and vegetable. The Wedo Eco wick has no core and a flat appearance, consisting of specially processed paper threads that give the wick a controlled bending.

The wick is constructed of thin paper strands interwoven for a more durable and uniform burn. Due to the wicks materials, it means there is less chance of mushrooming (carbon buildup), smoke, and soot being produced. The wick is strong enough to handle strong fragrance and colour concentrations.

Due to the five metre length, this wick is a great option for making larger candles, that you can cut to fit your candle mould or container. Make your own pillar candles, with our pure cotton wicks, find the best wick for your desired recipe...

     Wick Size          Container Diameter

ECO 0.2 30 - 39 mm (1.18" - 1.53")
ECO 0.5 40 – 49 mm (1.57" - 1.96")
ECO 0.75 50 – 54 mm (1.96" - 2.12")
ECO 1 55 – 59 mm (2.16" - 2.32")
ECO 2 60 – 64 mm (2.36" - 2.51")
ECO 4 > 65 mm (<2.55")
ECO 6 65 < mm (2.55" <)
ECO 8 > 70 mm (<2.36")
ECO 10 70 < mm (2.36"<)
ECO 12 70 – 75 mm (2.36" - 2.95")
ECO 14 76 – 80 mm (2.99" - 3.14")
ECO 16 80 +mm (3.14"+)


This sizing chart should only be used as a general guide because the candle's wick will vary depending on the wax, aroma, and colour you choose. To achieve proper wicking and the best results with your candles we always recommend trial and error.

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