Vanilla Essential Oil, Extract 50% in Glycerol

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Extract of Vanilla Pods. This is a 1:1 extract (50% vanilla extract in 50% glycerol)
Vanilla is a flavouring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla. Primarily it comes from the Mexican flat-leaved vanilla. The word vanilla is derived from the Spanish word vaina meaning 'little pod'

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Extended InformationVanilla is warming and welcoming. It is said to ease stress, anger, and frustration, giving a feeling of comfort. Physically, it is said to induce menstruation. It's sweet aroma softens any blend. Wonderful with citrus oils, softens the coniferous oils. Undiluted Vanilla oil is thick and most likely would not come out of a dropper bottle, so our vanilla oil is dilute in glycerol to aid mobility.
We supply essential oils as cosmetic ingredients and as such we are not obliged to label them with warnings about their topical or theraputic uses etc.. Should you be purchasing essential oils from us for any purpose other than as a cosmetic ingredient please refer to our Essential Oil Reference Guide for useful information. You may want to re-label your products according to the use they are to be put to. Read Our Essential Oil Reference Guide.
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