Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda)

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Essential ingredient in natural soap making. Formula NaOH.

Sodium Hydroxide is considered 'Dangerous Goods' (UN1823) for transportation and restrictions for shipping apply.

This sodium hydroxide is packed by us in-house. There is therefore NO mechanised bottling where any traces of hydrated silica powder might be introduced. If you are concerned for the purity of your lye then this product should be your preferred choice.

Formally known as Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) Premium Quality

More Information
Extended InformationEssential ingredient in real soap making.

This product is corrosive and should be handled in accordance with the labelling provided.

We cannot 'post' sodium hydroxide, we have to send it by independent carrier, so a minimum charge applies.

Include it as part of a larger order to ensure shipping charges are kept to our standard rates.

Sodium Hydroxide is considered 'Dangerous Goods' for transportation and therefore shipping restrictions apply.

Regulations allow us to pack MAXIMUM 1Kg packs within an 'outer pack' up to a maximum of 30 x 1Kg packs in a single shipment within Europe on ROAD SERVICE ONLY.
MSDS (1.74 MB)
Impurities Listing (384.20 kB)
CoA - Tap190227 (340.05 kB)
CoA - 190923 (330.05 kB)
CoA - 20200810 (220.37 kB)
CoA - TAP190930 (321.13 kB)
CoA - TAP200210 (229.20 kB)
CoA - TAP200304 (222.20 kB)
CoA - BL23670 (157.46 kB)
CoA - BL23774 (264.81 kB)
CoA - TAP200408 (107.25 kB)
CoA - 63265 (68.68 kB)
CoA - 202004 (189.64 kB)
CoA - 200191 (94.66 kB)
CoA - BL24849 (158.47 kB)
CoA - BL25212 (143.37 kB)
CoA - BL24052 (237.43 kB)
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