Foam Bath

A very simple recipe to show you how to make your own Foam Bath from a concentrate base


1) A plastic bucket/tub with lid.
2) Kitchen scales.
3) A stirring spoon or spatula.
4) Suitable bottles with either screw-tops or 'squeezy' lids.

HOW TO.....

This concentrated base, available to buy from our website, has the additional benefit of being fully preserved to accept dilution with tap water up to 3:1 (3 parts water to 1 part concentrate).
Measure out the desired quantity of foam bath concentrate into the bucket/tub,
remembering the final volume/weight will be 4 times the starting volume/weight (scales are useful. 1 litre = 1 kilo for these purposes).
Calculate as accurately as possible maximum 4% by volume of your desired fragrance or blend of essential/fragrance oils and add to the base, stirring it in (once diluted this will become 1% of the total volume). not exceed this % age, especially with citrus-based oils and fragrances. Geranium oil or oils with a high Geraniol content may not work well in this base, so if using these, reduce the inclusion even more. Add clean water, steadily, a little at a time, stirring gently, until EXACTLY 4 times the original weight is shown on the scale (1Kg base to 3 Kg of clean water, making 4 Kg of foam bath) and the consistency becomes that of a typical foam-bath (it will not be completely clear at this stage).
Add a few drops of your desired liquid colour or blend of colours and whisk/stir in. You may also choose to add a small quantity of pearliser.
Place the lid on the bucket/tub and leave overnight until it settles and becomes clear.
Bottle as required. Bottles and closures are available from our website.
Troubleshooting...If you find that your foam bath turns from a viscous gloopy liquid to a much more watery consistency after adding the essential oil or fragrance you have added too much. To rescue this you will need to add MORE concentrate until the viscosity returns to normal. Do not add water until the viscosity is correct or the batch could be wasted. Pay attention to the maximums quoted above to avoid this problem and always use accurate measurements, not simply drops from a bottle.

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