Peach Stones, Ground, Exfoliant

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Let's get scrubbing! This exfoliant is made using the finely milled stones of the peach kernel to bring you a highly functional natural exfoliant solution.

  • An effective & natural solution to remove dead skin.
  • The natural scrub sits well in most cream formulations.
  • The natural scrubs still obtain oil that when scrub into the skin enhance the exfoliation experience.
    A natural solution to acne control.
    Finally, a chemical-free exfoliator!

With recent changes in laws in exfoliator use, they are all the rage! They are an effective means of removing dead skin to bring you a revitalized smooth new layer of skin. Time to turn natural in your exfoliator regime/ formulation.

CoA - 0008234 (159.05 kB)
CoA - 0008319 (159.90 kB)
MSDS (197.46 kB)
Allergen Declaration (274.97 kB)
Product Specification (171.84 kB)
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