Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes

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Multi-Buy Offer: 25% off when buying 4. Enhance any room with this beautiful Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes! This diffuser is a distinctive and sophisticated way to incorporate lavish fragrance to your space. Releasing a soft-scented haze, shop our full range of Electric Aroma Diffusers at incredible wholesale rates...
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Electric Diffuser For Aroma Oils

Say hello to our Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes - Wholesale Aroma Diffuser

Are you searching for a luxury electric diffuser that will enhance the aesthetics of any household, and your customers will adore? Explore no further than our Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes! This breathtaking diffuser showcases a plastic base and a sophisticated, premium ceramic cover that will exude opulence in any space. The sleek cover has a thickness of 5mm, adorned with intricate stripes and a matte texture. The cover gently slopes for a square-shaped top and incorporates a 10mm opening for the mist to disperse.

This diffuser is not only visually appealing, but it will also fill your home with your delightful scents! The electrical element functions to evaporate the fluid and softly emit a revitalizing mist into the atmosphere. Just fill with water, include a few droplets of your selected oil, place on the lid, and let it perform its enchantment. The options are limitless, a fashionable and refined method to fragrance to your home!

Our Electric Diffuser includes a distinctive light feature, choose from a variety of shades that fill your diffuser with a cosy and welcoming radiance.

The Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes is ideal for both customers and businesses, and we provide incredible wholesale prices to ensure you receive the best price. When you select us, you can rely on receiving a top-notch, long-lasting products that will bring you happiness for years to come.

Select the Electric White Ceramic Diffuser - Square Stripes to indulge in a lavish, fragrant encounter that will create an even cosier atmosphere in your home.

Shop all of our wholesale Electric Diffusers here and explore our extensive selection of Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils here.

How To Use An Electric Aroma Diffuser

  • To use your Electric Diffuser, holding the base, carefully remove the cover and the inside spout.
  • Fill your diffuser with cold, clean water just below the max line (do not exceed this line).
  • Then, add a few drops of your chosen essential or fragrance oil.
  • Place the spout and the cover back on to your diffuser.
  • Connect the power supply and switch on.
  • Then use the power button to turn on your diffuser.
  • The button to the right of the machine controls the lighting options.
  • Remember to switch off at the power supply when not in use.

Please note, do not fill the diffuser over the max line - fragrance load is dependent upon the strength and intensity required.

Always consult the Safety Data Sheet of the fragrance oil /essential oil for suitability.

Product Specifications

  • Measurements Approximately: H 16cm x W 9.5cm x D 9.5cm
  • Tank Capacity Approximately: 90-100ml
  • Product Approximately: 500g
  • Powder: 12W

For more information see our User Manual in the documents tab.

Accessories Included

  • AC Adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Safety Information

  • Never move the product when in use.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Product must be placed on a stable surface when in use.
  • If smoke or burning smell is detected, unplug immediately.
  • Always turn off the item and unplug when not in use.
  • Always follow usage restrictions when adding liquids to this product.

FAQs For Electric Diffusers

The mist has stopped working, why is this?

If the mist begins to diminish, it is due to insufficient water in the tank. The liquid level will gradually decrease as the diffuser is utilised, requiring occasional refills. Alternatively, it may also occur if there is an excessive amount of water in the diffuser; never surpass the maximum line on the tank. Always ensure the diffuser is clean and free of any accumulation, as this might be caused by the formation of bubbles.

My diffuser is leaking water?

If your diffuser is sputtering or splashing tiny amounts of water when turned on, this indicates that the inner cover/spout is either absent or not aligned properly. The spout channels the mist to facilitate a smooth release and minimizes the chance of splattering. If the alignment is off, it will restrict proper functioning and may result in the vapor accumulating and seeping within the diffuser.

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