CocoPro Container Wax
CocoPro Container Wax
CocoPro Container Wax

CocoPro Container Wax

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  • Vegan Vegan
  • Cruelty Free Cruelty Free
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Presenting CocoPro Container Wax, the perfect fusion of rapeseed and coconut waxes, expertly formulated to cater to all your container candle needs. This wax has been intricately developed to encapsulate the fundamental principles that hold utmost significance to you: vegan-friendliness, cruelty-free nature, and biodegradability. By opting for CocoPro Container Wax, you won't solely fashion exquisite candles for your residence or enterprise, but you'll also be actively making an informed decision while curating your collection of home fragrances.
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Wholesale Candle Wax

Introducing the remarkable and remarkably adaptable CocoPro Container Wax – a distinctive fusion of rapeseed and coconut waxes, meticulously engineered to serve as the perfect foundation for crafting container candles.

CocoPro Container Wax stands apart not merely due to its exceptional performance but also its ethical allure. We take immense pride in proclaiming that our wax amalgamation is in harmony with vegan principles, cruelty-free practices, gmo free and is biodegradable. This means that while relishing the art of candle making, you are also embracing an environmentally conscious choice. Our dedication to sustainability permeates every facet of our production process, not just the end result.

More than just a regular wax blend, CocoPro Container Wax represents a revolution within the realm of candle creation. Forged with affection and an unwavering attention to detail, this blend is tailor-made to fulfil the distinct requirements of container candles – whether they be adorned within elegant glass encasements, charming mason jars, or any other vessel in between. Whatever your preference, CocoPro Container Wax is your reliable partner.

CocoPro Wax boasts exceptional thermal stability, enduring temperatures up to 90°C without succumbing to unfavourable consequences. It perseveres through repeated heating cycles, resisting discolouration and unpleasant odours, presenting a neutral foundation that harmonises seamlessly with fragrances. Furthermore, its inherent whiteness is a perfect canvas for incorporating dyes, yielding bold and vibrant hues.

The possibilities unfurling with CocoPro Container Wax are nothing short of limitless. Whether you're an adept artisan in the realm of candle crafting or a curious novice, our wax blend is here to kindle your imagination. Embark on a journey of experimentation with diverse colours, scents, and containers, fashioning candles that eloquently mirror your distinctive flair and individuality.

Product Specifications

  • Pastille Form
  • Pour 45-55°C
  • Melting Point: 50°C
  • Fragrance: Holds up to 10%
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