150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6
150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6
150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6

150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6

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  • Sold in boxes of 6 Box of 6
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Looking for a sophisticated diffuser bottle? Our 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser - Box of 6 is perfect for housing your liquid diffusers whilst looking beautiful in your home! Shop all diffuser supplies...
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Wholesale Glass Bottle For Diffusers

150ml Round Diffuser - High Quality Reed Diffuser Bottles

Are you looking to add a modern touch to your reed diffusers or home fragrance range? Our 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser – Box of 6 can help! This set of six high-quality clear glass is perfect for a unique, stylish experience. Plus, each glass comes with a rubber bung so you can secure any liquids.

Whether you’re looking to refill oils, personalise any shared spaces, or just add an elegant finish, these 150ml Flat Face Round Diffusers are the perfect choice for any maker looking for that special touch! Excellent for those seeking a thoughtful, contemporary way to freshen and fill any homes. What’s more? They’re available at amazing wholesale prices, making them an excellent addition to any business or shop.

Let us help you make that perfect space. With the 150ml Flat Face Round Diffuser – Box of 6, your customers can enjoy a modern and stylish way to re-use and experience the quality of reed diffuser products. Make all your projects come alive with our beautiful, clear glass!

Take a look at our selection of chic and cutting-edge diffuser bottles and express your creativity in how you arrange them. Experiment with various bases, reeds, and fragrances to make a lovely and distinctive piece of home décor. Alternatively, get your diffusers ready to sell and package in our diffuser boxes!

Please Note: Our diffuser glasses are hand-blown, there may be variations in appearance. This package just includes the bottle and a bung; reeds and caps are not included.

Product Specifications

  • Box of 6
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Clear Glass
  • Rubber Bung

Approximate Dimensions

  • Neck Internal Diameter: 12mm
  • Neck Height: 15mm
  • Height (without bung): 100mm
  • Width: 92mm
  • Depth: 37mm

Frequently Asked Questions For Making Reed Diffusers

What supplies are required to create a reed diffuser? 

Creating a reed diffuser is a simple and inexpensive method to fill your house with lovely scents. Reeds, a diffuser base, fragrance oil, and an appropriate diffuser bottle are all you need.

Choosing the appropriate bottle size for your project is the first step; it should be large enough to accommodate all of the liquid ingredients you will need, have a lid or top of some kind—either a cap or a nicely shaped bottle neck—and be narrow enough for the reeds to fit through with ease. Selecting the kind of reed sticks for your diffuser is the next step after deciding on the container! Reeds are available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths (based on bottle size), colours (natural wood tones and striking brights), and materials (such as bamboo or rattan). For an even more unique touch, you can tie ribbon or other ornamental elements around the neck of your container. 

The next step is to choose your fragrance oil, to fill your space with your desired scent. There are hundreds of oils available depending on the vibe you want to create! From uplifting florals settling into summer evenings to calming natural notes when winding down after a long day to fruity spices that say "hello" at dinner, there are energizing citrusy scents that help wake up morning routines to earthy aromas for grounding vibes!

How often should I rotate the sticks in my diffuser?

It can be difficult to keep your house smelling lovely and fresh, but diffusers make it simple! Unlike scented candles, diffusers are made to slowly release aroma or essential oils into the air without burning. We advise rotating the sticks every one to two weeks to get the most out of your diffuser. You can guarantee consistent scent release throughout your house with this method.

Are my diffuser bottles reusable?

Yes, you can repurpose the bottles of your diffuser! In addition to saving money on additional containers, many individuals like utilising their diffuser bottles to help generate a pleasant aroma in their homes. It's crucial to take the time to thoroughly clean and maintain your diffuser bottle if you plan to reuse it.

Rinsing away any leftover liquid from the container is the easiest approach to maintain the cleanliness of your diffuser bottle. After that, completely wash the outside of the bottle in your sink using a sponge or towel and soak in warm, soapy water that has been diluted with a little dish soap. To get rid of any remaining scent or stuck dust particles, you could also use an old toothbrush and apply light pressure on all sides of any grooves. Once this is done, make sure the bottle is completely dry, either by using a towel or letting it air dry.

Just make sure that in between each scent, you rinse, clean, and dry your bottle with warm, soapy water. It's a good idea to occasionally give the bottles some TLC because they may become a little sticky over time.

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