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Packaging and Labeling

We occasionally have customers query our practice of packaging many of our products with basic labeling and in certain types of packaging materials. This page sets out to explain why we package as we do and gives further pertinent information.

What your products will arrive in

While products such as butters will come in a bag to prevent spillage, the oils and liquids we offer can come in an array of containers. For clarity, we'll list below the types of bottles oils and liquids can come in for both standard and premium packaging.

Standard Packaging: 5ml and 10mls of oils and liquids will come in Amber Glass Bottles. 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Lt of oils and liquids will come in PET Bottles.

Premium Packaging: 5ml and 10mls of oils and liquids will come in Blue Glass bottles. 30ml, 50ml, 100ml will arrive in Amber Glass bottles. 250ml, 500ml and 1Lt of oils and liquids will arrive in Aluminium Flasks.

Types of Packaging Materials

Unless you choose the option of Premium Packaging (if available), many of our products in certain pack sizes will come to you in basic packaging, i.e.butters in poly bags, fragrances and essential oils in HDPE plastic bottles. This is primarily to ensure the product gets to you in fine condition with minimal risk of damage or loss in transit.
HDPE is very resistant to the volatile effects of fragrances and essential oils and provides a packaging medium that unlike glass will not break in transit, ensuring the product reaches you intact. It is also very cost-effective, allowing us to maintian our competitive pricing.
Some volatile materials including some essential oils do have minor effects on HDPE which might show when a bottle appears to be slightly distorted in shape after a period of time. Also, a sweating appearance can occasionally become apparent on the outside of the bottle when, in particular, Tea Tree oil is packaged in HDPE. Neither of these effects are considered to render the essential oil or fragrance oil content contaminated in any way and indeed, most suppliers of bulk essential oils pack in HDPE containers, so at some stage it's likely that most essential oils have been packed in HDPE containers as they journey around the world, BUT, if you are in any way concerned about ongoing storage, in particular of your essential oils, in HDPE bottles we would advise you simply re-pack in glass or coated aluminium bottles, which if you choose Premium Packaging when buying from us will be the materials they are packed in for you anyway.
We have a comprehensive selection of bottles, jars, pails and other containers available should you wish to purchase containers for re-packaging of your products. It is common for our customers to purchase 'top-up' stock from us and as such you may wish to keep a selection of durable and more appropriate containers to repack into for whatever long term use you have for the products you purchase from us.


Because we are a company that supplies all of our products primarily for the cosmetic/toiletry marketplace as ingredients for use in making other products we are not obliged to label our products for other uses such as for food or as aromatherapy or other non-cosmetic purposes, although we are aware that many of our products do find their way into many other applications.
This can cause some mis-understanding if you are expecting your products to be delivered to you with comprehensive labeling such as you might find if you purchased from a major high street retail outlet where it will have comprehensive labeling including expiry dates and maybe warnings about many kinds of possible uses.
For the avoidance of confusion, please be aware that when you receive your product from us it will be very simply labeled with it's common name and a batch number as well as being appropriately packaged in a container of the correct size for the quantity you ordered and will have been accurately measured into that container.
As opposed to other uses such as food or aromatherapy, when products are supplied as cosmetic ingredients they do not require to be labeled with any expiry or best-before dates, as these are available on the Certificate of Analysis (C of A) which is provided to us by our supplier and made available to our customers via our website or on request.
Labeling guidelines for products are dependent upon their intended use and although we are aware of these guidelines for all likely uses, because we supply as a cosmetic ingredient we are not obliged to label our products, including essential oils, for any other uses, which means they will not come to you with warning labels, expiry dates etc. and because we are able to provide all our customers with detailed product information on our website at 'point of sale' any further information about Latin or INCI names, origin, uses or limitations in use etc. are provided on our website and not on any packaging or labeling.
It is your responsibility to ensure the product you purchase from us is suitable for the use you intend it for and if you intend to use a product sourced from us as anything other than an ingredient in another cosmetic or toiletry product you should consider appropriately re-packaging and labeling it yourself in accordance with the guidelines for that intended use.