Packaging & Labelling

We are proud of our resourcing and strategy when it comes to packaging your items ready for their journey to your front door. This page sets out to explain why we package as we do and gives further pertinent information.

Types of Packaging Materials

Here at The Soap Kitchen we use a wide variety of packaging to ensure your items arrive with you safely and in one piece. What was previously Premium Packaging on the website, we've now incorporated as standard packing for our products.
Orders are now packaged to ensure we keep your products safe throughout the entire delivery process until they reach you.

Our 30g and 100g Essential and Fragrance oils are now sold in amber glass bottles, with the larger quantities of these oils to arrive in tamper proof aluminium flasks. Our carrier oils will come in plastic bottles for 1Kg and below, with quantities of 5kg and above to be sent in Plastic Jerricans. Dry items such as botanicals, colours and clays will be sent in small ZipLock bags for quantities below 100g, and in wax coated paper bags for quantities of 500g and above.
For items classed as Dangerous Goods or Volatile, these will be sent out in fully compliant packaging such as HDPE bottles. Each products packaging has been selected to ensure it is safe and secure for the journey.

Your Parcel

To ensure your items arrive undamaged, we use a range of wonderful packing resources. Here at The Soap Kitchen we aim to use as little plastic as possible, with the exception of certain limitations, we used paper and card to pack out and cushion your products. We also reuse and recycle our boxes and packaging, so if a box looks a little bit worn don't worry! Your products will be perfectly safe inside, we are just trying to reduce our impact on the environment.

Product Labelling

All labels on our products will be written electronically to keep clarity of all information, and will contain the product name with batch numbers and products SKUs fully visible on the packaging. For ingredients such as fragrance and essential oils, the labels will have full CLP information included on them (hazard symbols, allergens, warnings etc.), along with their respective batch numbers for traceability.
For hazardous/dangerous materials such as Sodium Hydroxide. TSDA, Acetic Acid etc, all necessary shipping labels will be added to your parcels to ensure compliance with our couriers. As such, we won't be able to ship these items via Air, and will take a little longer due to road delivery. This is also another reason for additional costs on postage to do with our licensing.

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