Information about our Premium Packaging

Applies only to products showing the Premium Packaging option

Bulk Products, offered for Maximum 10Kg sizes unless otherwise stated. Our standard packaging for many powders, granules, butters and solid oils/fats is a simple poly plastic bag which we have found to be the most successful way of ensuring your products are delivered to you intact, but we appreciate that this may not always be convenient so we also offer a Premium Packing option for those wishing to receive these products in a lidded container. May delay shipment of Express orders. Due to the time taken for certain types of products to re-solidify in new containers Premium Packaging may delay shipment of Express orders.

Essential and fragrance oils

Our standard packaging for essential oils and fragrances is HDPE plastic bottles (over 10ml bottle size). If you would prefer to have your oils packed in glass or lined aluminium bottles, we offer a Premium Packing option when ordering in 30ml + sizes. We will then pack in glass or lined aluminium depending on the bottle size. To order your products Premium Packed simply select the optional check-box when adding to your cart.

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