Natural Indigo Blue Dye

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Indigofera Tinctoria Indigo is 100% natural premium quality blue Indigo, and it is made using traditional artisanal production totally without chemicals. Made from Indigo Leaves.

Please note: This is a dyers product. It IS suitable for CP Soap, Bath Bombs, Dying Clothes. It is NOT suitable for Leave on products, mineral makeups. While it is suitable for Bath Bombs, it will give off a sulphur smell upon initial manufacture, but the smell will disappear overtime.

More Information
Extended InformationTrue indigo blue powder also known as Indigofera Tinctoria is a blue dye.
MSDS (161.82 kB)
SDS (300.58 kB)
Artisanal production following traditional practices in Morocco: The harvested indigo leaves are washed, then milled on a stone mill, turned into balls and slowly air dried. Once dried, the balls are crushed into a powder and lightly fermented under camel and goat urine. The indigo paste is dried and then powdered again in the stone mill. This production method means this ‘cosmetic grade blue indigo’ is safe for use in skin products, hair bluing and laundry bluing.
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