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Crystal Melt And Pour Soap Descriptions


Clear Standard Soap Base.

A clear soap base of exceptional clarity and excellent lathering quality which has a standard surfactant-based formula.

White Standard Soap Base.

Similar in formula to standard clear with added titanium dioxide to give absolute whiteness and opacity.

Clear Suspending Formula.

Typically clear soap base with a formula which will allow glitters and body jewels to 'suspend' in it without sinking out before it sets. Absolutely brilliant for creating coloured glitter and pearl effects.


Natural Soap Base.

Surfactant-free formula (no sls or sles) with good lathering quality. Softer than standard bases with a slightly milky appearance.

Organic Soap Base.

Also surfactant-free but made with 100% of it's oil content certified organic. Similar in appearance to the natural base.

Organic (Soil) Base.

Soil Association certified clear soap base that is made with sufficient organic material to be certified in it's own right.

Goats Milk Soap Base.

A white soap base made with a significant percentage of natural goats milk giving it an emolient feel.

Olive Oil Soap Base.

A clear, slightly greenish tinted soap base of standard surfactant-based formula, made with a high percentage of natural olive oil.

Carrot, Cucumber & Aloe Soap Base.

A unique formulation, this soap base is PEG Free, Paraben Free and contains NO SLS or SLES. Crystal CCA provides excellent skin feel, combining antioxidant properties with soothing Aloe Vera. Transparent with a distinct amber-yellow colour.


Cream Body Wash.

An opaque base when set, this is an expremely versitile product. It is soft and creamy in texture, so is entirely suitable for melting into pots and used as a cream body wash, but it can also be whipped whilst still warm and extra soft, making it into a mousse-like texture.

Oatmeal and Shea Butter Soap Base.

Vegetable derived melt and pour soap base. Made using Natural Oatmeal and nourishing Shea Butter this soap base is used for the manufacture of opaque Solid soap bars, with suspended exfoliating Oatmeal.
SLS-Free Soap Base.
A compromise soap base, free of the harshest of the 2 main surfactants that are in standard bases which manages to still offer good clarity and excellent lathering quality. Less irritating to sensitive skin without loosing the better qualities offered by surfactant-based formulas.

SLS/SLES-Free Soap Base.

Clear or White soap base,with no SLS or SLES which still manages to offer good clarity and excellent lathering quality. Less irritating to sensitive skin.

SP Soap Base.

SP Soap Base.

Solid Shampoo Base.

White melt and pour soap base, free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Made with Soothing Aloe Vera and containing Conditioning Additives this soap base is used for the manufacture of opaque Solid Shampoo bars.

Shaving Soap Base.

Whited, melt and pour soap base. Used for manufacture of opaque melt and pour shaving soap products, customers only need to add fragrance to achieve a high quality finished product. Should be poured into a lidded shaving pot container to avoid shrinkage.

Crystal Jelly Soap Base.

Jelly Soap Base is a unique and innovative product. It is vegetable based, and used to produce a range of jelly soap products. It integrates with other Crystal melt and pour bases, so can be layered and embedded.

Vanilla Stable Base.

A clear base containing ingredients to suppress the discolouration caused when adding certain fragrances that contain vanillin.