International Shipping

IMPORTANT: Generally we try and ship all orders in fair order-number sequence. At busy times this may result in a delay of several days before we process your order. Your business is important to us and we know that you may need your goods promptly, so if you need to check the status of your order, or to make a special request please use this email link...
ORDER STATUS CHECK. Please include the last 5 digits of your order number in your Email.
We will try to respond as quickly as possible.
WE HAVE VERY COMPETITIVE RATES TO MOST EUROPEAN SHIPPING DESTINATIONS. Shipping costs to most worldwide destinations can be seen on checkout.
Large shipments and shipments to most worldwide destinations are now largely covered by tariffs on our website but if your destination or order size is not covered we will be happy to quote.
Our website cannot calculate palletised shipping rates. Some larger shipments will be more economical to ship as Freight on a Pallet. For all larger orders please contact us for a shipping quote.
Should your country not be listed in our choice of shipping destinations, please contact us to obtain a shipping quote.
If you should experience any problems using this facility, please let us know.
IMPORTANT: Customers in Non-EU countries shall be reminded that the liability for the payment of Duty and VAT is theirs. Should goods be delivered and these charges remain unpaid we reserve the right to recover these charges from the customer in full.
International Back-Orders: If an item is not in stock we may not automatically back-order that item. We reserve the right to remove the item from your order and refund the cost of that item incuding any applicable proportion of the overall shipping cost. If you would rather we back-order the item for shipping later we undertake to inform you of any additional shipping cost that may be incurred and give you the option to reconsider.

Currently we can only accept orders from the following countries: France, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary for individuals when the total is under 150 Euros including VAT & Shipping.

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