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Instructions for using Jeesperse CPW-2


Full instructions for using Jeesperse CPW-2.
Jeesperse CPW-2 is a new and innovative product. It is a Cold-Process Wax that comes as a simple white dry powder, easy to store (keep dry at ambient room temperature) and absolutely simple to use.
Just add cold water (recommend deionised water) to the dry powder and with simple manual agitation you get an incredibly stable, emolient opaque base with exceptional emulsification properties, allowing you to add many and varied ingredients including oils, butters and waxes (recommended up to 6% typical or 10% maximum without the need for further emulsifiers) and other emolients such as dimethicone in various forms.
The simplicity of using this product cannot be overstated. It is the ultimate in simplicity for the small scale manufacture (hobbyist or small business) of a wide selection of products such as lotions, creams, body butters etc..
Heat-sensitive additions (vitamins as an example) are simply not a problem.
Recommended to be used from 1% right up to 15% in water, it can be used to create a wide variety of viscosities and as such is virtually a one-stop solution in making high quality body-moisturising products. To make a simple hydrogel base for creams etc. just use between 5% and 10% in water and add your additional oils, waxes etc..
Add oils, butters, waxes etc., at up to 6% (recommended) or 10% (maximum without additional emulsifiers) to the cold base for near instant emulsification (waxes, butters, etc., will require melting to mobilise before addition).
Add essential oils or fragrance oils at typical recommended inclusions (usually 1% max).
Can be lightly coloured if desired with suitable dye products.
Requires preserving with a suitable preservative mix.
Exceptionally economical to use. E.G. used at 10% in water and purchased at retail price for just 250g this product will make up 2.5Kg of base, enough for 50 x 50g jars of a cream-type product. Equivalent to aprox £0.40 per jar content cost excluding additions etc..



All you need to get started
2_Adding Water
Add the water to the Jeesperse powder
3_Before Stirring
Add fragrance as required (the equivalent of a few drops of essential or fragrance oil per fizzin' melt is sufficeint.
Simply stir for a few minutes....
5_Finished Base
....and it will look like this
Measure out your Oil or Fragrance...
...and add to the Jeesperse
9_Melt Wax
To add wax or butter, simply melt....
10_Add wax
....and add straight to the base
Lastly, add the preservative
Jeesperse Finished Product
The finished product


For best results always add water to powder, not the reverse.

One suggested formula...

Deionised Water 80.5%
Jeesperse 5%
Coconut Oil 3%
Avocado Oil 3%
Dimethicone 2%
Glycerine 3.5%
Isopropyl Myristate 2%
Preservative 0.5 - 1.0% (refer to the effective inclusion level for your chosen preservative). Suggest Phenoxyethanol EHG