Vanilla Fragrance, Non-Discolouring Formula

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PLEASE NOTE: Our fragrances CANNOT be used in lip balms as they are made from non food grade materials, so will be potentially harmful if used in them.

Complex vanilla and dairy notes unfold to a floral middle. The heady notes then mellow to slight spice and musk undertones. A lasting fragrance, ideal for understated soaps.

This fragrance is formulated with no natural vanillin content which will cause brown discolouration in many products. Vanillin is replaced with alternative aromatic aldehyde, keeping a good vanilla fragrance whilst being non-discolouring in most products.

CoA - 5986A (34.98 kB)
CoA - 9986A (72.00 kB)
CoA - 1704 (47.56 kB)
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