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Bases and Concentrates

  • Our premium bases offer a very high quality product so you can make your own top-of-the-range luxury products. All the bases are gentle and mild, offering a lovely feel on the skin and hair when used. Many of our Premium Bases feature Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides) which is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotenes, flavanoids, and other bioactive compounds. It increases the capability of the body's immune-system and can prevent vitamin A deficiency. It also inhibits the growth of staphylococci and other bacteria.Sea Buckthorn is a rich source of L-rhamnose, a naturally-occurring deoxy sugar used as an active ingredient in some anti-ageing products.

  • Here you will find a huge variety of toiletry bases, all ready to go and use straight away to make your own products.

  • Organically certified by our suppliers, we stock a wide range of organic bases perfect for you to make your own organic products. Ready for you to certify yourself for organic sale, you can add essential oils or colour to these bases to add that finishing touch to your products,

  • With these bases, you'll be able to make a fantastic range of high quality toiletries for men. Just add essential oils and you're good to go.

Bases and Concentrates

Bases and Concentrates

These bases and concentrates offer a fantastic backbone to any planned toiletries you'd like to make. Free from Parabens and MIT, you can make a ready to go product straight from purchase by just adding a small percentage of fragrance or essential oils.

Coloured clays and liquid colours can all be used to make your toiletries look beautiful! Fragrances and Essential Oils can be used mostly at a level of around 0.5-2%, but please check each product listing for confirmation.