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Colours & Sparkle


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Colours & Sparkle

Colours & Sparkle

With cosmetics, there are a whole range of different colours available that you can use to colours your creations. From mineral pigments all the way up to coated micas for bath bombs, the variety available is perfect for colouring your entire range. Colours include:

Zenicolor: Zenicolor is a branded colouring system specifically for Melt and Pour soaps. It's innovative properties mean that it does not bleed between layers, maintains complete transparency in clear soaps, is clean to use and you are able to mix virtually any colour using the 5 colours provided (4 colours in Professional range) with the help of the Zenicolor App.

Liquid Dyes: Water-soluble dyes in dilute liquid form. Simple to use in melt and pour soap. Maintain clarity. Can be mixed to achieve a wide selection of colours and shades. Dyes can bleed into adjacent layers.

Water Soluble Powdered and Granular Dyes: Water soluble powdered dyes for use in many cosmetic applications. Excellent to maintain clarity in transparent soaps. Not all suitable for CP soap. Dyes can bleed into adjacent layers.

Mineral and Organic Pigments: Pigments differ from dyes in that they add colour to a substance either by suspension or by 'coating' the structure of the substance. They will opacify a transparent soap base. Pigments will NOT bleed. Suitable for CP Soap. Not usually suitable for liquid products.

Water Dispersible Pigments: Non-bleed pigments suitable for many cosmetic and toiletry applications. They are versions of those usually only soluble in either oils or alcohol (solvent) but combined with a surfactant to render them dispersible in water, making them suitable for colouring aqueous products and in moderate quantity will maintain transparency in clear bases. Suitable for CP soaps.

Natural Dyes: Colours (dyes) derived from natural substances suitable for inclusion in many soaps and toiletries. Many are not alkali-tolerant so may not suit cold process soaps. Dyes can bleed into adjacent layers. Micas, Poly-Glitters and Jewels: Micas, Poly-Glitters and Jewels are widely used in make up products. Most mica pigments are also stable in CP soaps.

Bio Glitter®: Bio-glitter® can be widely used in most cosmetic products. They are made on a cellulose base which is completely biodegradable and as such have huge environmental advantage over standard cosmetic grade poly-glitters.

Ecosparks: Ecosparks are a glitter-like product made from Mica, a naturally occurring substance. Because they are Plastic-Free they are able to meet the requirements of the UK ban on micro plastics in rinse-off products.

Coated Micas: Specially coated mica pigments rendering them ideal for use in products such as Bath Bombs where they give rich, deep colour but will not cling to surfaces or to the skin.

Solvent Dyes: Powdered dyes suitable for colouring solvents and volatile oils including fragrance oils, essential oils and their diluents, which might include Denatured Ethanol (alcohol), Dowanol, IPM or DPG etc.. Ideal for use in Room Fragrance products such as reed diffusers.