Starter Candle Kit
Starter Candle Kit
Starter Candle Kit - Candle Glasses
Starter Candle Kit - Box
Starter Candle Kit - Clean Cotton
Starter Candle Kit - Coconut
Starter Candle Kit - Rose
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Starter Candle Kit

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Making your own candles has never been so easy! The ideal way to enter the world of candle-making is with our Starter Candle Kit. You can make your very own delightfully fragrant candles using high-quality supplies, containers, and accessories that have been carefully chosen and packed, ready for you to use.
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DIY Candle Making Project

Introducing our Starter Candle Kit, the easiest way to start your candle making journey! Perfect for new clients, candlemakers, or businesses wishing to broaden their product portfolio. Our Starter Candle Kit offers the fundamentals for manufacturing candles and includes simple instructions to guarantee amazing candles every time. It has never been easier to make your own candles!

Our Starter Candle Kit creates five 20cl candles and includes:

  • 1Kg Container Wax
  • 125g Fragrance Oil
  • 5 x 20cl Glasses
  • 5 x TCR 27/16 Wicks
  • 5 x Wick Stick Ums
  • 5 x Safety Labels – White
  • 10g Dye Chips
  • Instructions

This complete kit includes everything you need to create gorgeous candles with strong, nostalgic aromas. With four scent and colour combinations, so there is something for everyone. Choose from Clean Cotton with Blue Chips, Coconut with Cream Chips, Rose with Pink Chips or Vanilla with Yellow Chips.

  • Clean Cotton - A light and revitalising fragrance that combines fresh crisp linen, eucalyptus, blossom, and cut green grass for an ultimate experience in refreshing aromas.
  • Coconut - As exquisite as a freshly harvested coconut, it’s the perfect way to evoke sun-drenched summer vibes in your candles and home fragrance creations.
  • Rose - Bring summer freshness into your home, this floral scent will fill any room with a sophisticated, elegant aroma identical to freshly picked red roses.
  • Vanilla - A sweet, fresh aroma, with dashes of spice, combined with a gentle floral aroma, a classic fragrance with a beautifully nostalgic scent.

Upgrade the look and feel of your home with our Starter Candle Kit. Each candle not only has a striking appearance but also offers the enjoyment of aromatherapy, giving any space an opulent, cosy atmosphere. The Starter Candle Kit offers everything you need, whether you want to create a relaxing setting in your office or a romantic ambiance for dinner.

Make your dreams a reality by utilising the creative potential of our Starter Candle Kit. Create a unique gift for a loved one, add a spa-like aroma to any room, or alternatively gift our kit to your crafting buddies. With our Starter Candle Kit, your home fragrances creativity will be unleashed!

For measurements and usage rates please see the instructions, you can find a digital version of the instructions in the documents tab.

Please ensure all appropriate safety precautions are taken, correct equipment is used and PPE is worn when making candles.

Top Tips For Candle Making

  • Wick Centering Tool - To center your wicks if you don't have a wick bar, you can also use skewers, chopsticks, or cocktail sticks with elastic bands, pegs, or twine.
  • Glasses - Warm your glasses to lessen the possibility of shrinking, you can do this by putting them in a hot bath or running them under a hot tap, being careful not to get any water inside the glass.
  • Flat & Protected - Before pouring, always make sure your candle glasses are on a flat, level surface. If possible, keep them away from open windows so that no uninvited guests end up swimming in your exquisitely made candles.

Candle Making FAQs

Do candles have a shelf life?

Candles created with synthetic materials have a long shelf life, whereas candles made with natural vegetable wax work best when burned within a few months. When a candle is lit, you can tell if it's spoiled because the scent has faded and the melt quality has altered. We advise using a candle within a year of purchasing it.

Do you completely burn candles to the end?

Candles shouldn't be burned all the way down for safety reasons. When a candle is lit, the heat is absorbed by the wax. However, as the wax melts and the jar is exposed, the glass heats up too much, which increases the chance of it cracking or exploding and starting a fire. When your candle has less than 1-2 cm of wax in the jar, do not burn it.

What setting is ideal for creating candles?

A room should be between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius for making candles so that the wax may cool and set, without the risk of staying melted. While working with fragrance and essential oils, we also advise keeping a window open or a fan running to keep the air circulating. Just be careful not to pour your candles too close to a window or a fan.

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