Silk Amino Acids (Extrapone® Silk GW N)

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Extrapone® Silk GW N silk amino acid

Silk amino acid, also known as Sericin is a natural water-soluble glycoprotein extracted from raw silk.

It is used as an additive in skin and hair care products due to its high levels of serine which has excellent moisture preservation characteristics. As a water-based additive it is used to provide a protective barrier and silky feel to lotions, soaps, hair and skincare products.

The caterpillars are not harmed, they grow into moths and fly off, then the silk [from the cocoon] is then collected.

The glycerin can be derived from mixed plant sources i.e. palm kernel oil and/or sunflower, rapeseed etc.   The palm suppliers following RSPO guidelines, sourcing their palm oil according to the defined RSPO rules; the palm kernel oil is sourced via the MB supply chain system. 

More Information
Extended InformationExtrapone® Silk GW N contains a hydrolyzate of silk protein prepared in water and glycerin.
Silk caterpillars are mainly cultivated in special breeding farms in China. The silk caterpillar spins a cocoon out of
the silk thread to grow up to a moth in it. The hydrolyzate is made from hydrolysis of the pure silk. The hydrolyzate is
prepared in a mixture of water, glycerin and preservatives and clear filtrated after an individual ripening time.
1 kg Extrapone® Silk GW N contains approx. 5.75 g silk protein.

Properties: Anti-aging, Anti-irritant, Anti-microbial, Anti-oxidant/radical scavenging, Anti-wrinkle, Hair repair, Moisturising, Protective, Skin lightening/brightening, Smoothing.

Recommended inclsion level 1 - 5%
MSDS (499.63 kB)
Specification (165.53 kB)
CoA - BA10300046 (227.33 kB)
CoA - Batch 10300042 (225.44 kB)
CoA - 10300052 (87.00 kB)
CoA - 10300047 (197.71 kB)
CoA - 10300043 (651.96 kB)
CoA -10300056 (134.01 kB)
CoA - 10300058 (102.12 kB)
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