Cosmetic Product Safety Report Body Oils & Butters


We have put together this package of cosmetic safety assessment reports in conjunction with a leading industry provider specifically for small-scale producers of products for full body use such as masssage oils and body butters. We offer the option to certify 1 base formulation and up to 6 different variations. Each base recipe can have up to 10 different ingredients including oils, butters, waxes and each variation can have a further 5 ingredients such as essential oils, colours, fragrance oils etc. PLEASE NOTE: If you are using more than 1 fragrance oil or a blend of essential and fragrance oil in a variation, a further fee of £15.00+VAT per fragrance oil will be incurred.
If you don't currently have 6 different variations, you can use this package to certify what you already make, and then add to your reports at a later date as your business grows. Please note that there will be a small administration fee payable each time further variations are added (up to the maximum of 6) and so it is advisable to add several at a time.
The ingredients you use should be currently included on our master list of permitted ingredients (taking note of any restrictions that apply) - if you use ingredients which are not currently listed, please get in touch before ordering and we will advise.


The total fee for this package is £150 (excludes VAT) which works out at just £25 per report and you can use the Purchase This Package link further down the page to order this directly online.
ALL Soap Kitchen appropriate ingredients can be included in this package. Ingredients sourced from other suppliers can also be included but may attract a surcharge. For your convenience, a list of permitted ingredients can be downloaded using the link below.
Once you have ordered, you send us your recipes - we will double check these for you and get back if we have suggestions for any changes that need to be made - there is no fee for this.
Please go to our product page to download useful documents or to buy this CPSR Important Information Below...
It is YOUR responsibility to prepare a Product Information File containing copies of MSDS, allergen lists and other required information to keep record of at your place of business. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your product/s are always manufactured in a clean and safe environment. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your labelling is correctly executed, which should include the full ingredient listing in correct INCI terminology for each variation of your product/s, together with suitable batch coding and contact information to you as the manufacturer.
If you still have any queries, please feel free to email us or phone us during weekday working hours on +44(0)1237 420872
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