Rosemary Essential Oil

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Rosemarinus Officinalis
Rosemary oil's distinctive woody fragrance has been used for centuries for a variety of health and beauty benefits. The oil can have a pale lilac colour.

 INCI Banding: 100% Rosmarius Officinalis.

More Information
Extended InformationThis crisp and clean smelling essential oil is great for stimulating the brain, improving memory and mental clarity, while helping with a variety of congested respiratory tract problems, stiff muscles, coldness as well as boosting the liver and gall bladder. It is also used for improving hair and scalp health. Rosemary oil has a clear, powerful refreshing herbal smell, is clear in colour and watery in viscosity.
MSDS (322.07 kB)
IFRA (271.54 kB)
Product Specification (130.66 kB)
CoA - 1231 (124.24 kB)
CoA - KMO1816 (119.61 kB)
CoA - KMO2805 (116.94 kB)
CoA - KMO590 (121.60 kB)
CoA - KMO3942 (117.90 kB)
CoA - KMO5259 (117.07 kB)
CoA - 38268-01 (165.79 kB)
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