Ivory Rose Petals, Large (Limited Stock)

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Rosa x Centifolia. Ivory dried rose petals with superior colour quality. Extensively used for their decorative qualities in hand made soaps and also for natural confetti. and ingredient of pot pourri.
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Extended InformationRosa canina (most commonly)
Dried individual ivory/cream coloured rose buds (availability may vary seasonally) which make attractive and decorative additions to hand made soaps etc.and an ingredient of pot pourri.

Important: These ivory rose buds are not usually available as tight buds but are supplied as mixed open/closed and may also have loose petals present.
Dried botanicals are natural products. The Soap Kitchen cannot guarantee that these Goods will not at a later date be subject to insect infestation, unless specifically treated. Even after treatments, treated goods can be subject to re-infestation if incorrectly stored. Untreated seeds, herbs, spices and flowers in any form, treated with approved chemical fumigants, are still susceptible to possible infestation as insect eggs are not destroyed by current chemical fumigants. Store in cool dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, and free from infestation and ingress of moisture.
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