Rice Bran Oil

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Oryza sativa
Rice bran oil, when applied to the skin, fosters surface microcirculation and skin metabolism, providing protection against premature aging. It influences oil secretion, absorbs UV rays and helps prevent oxidation and is well known for its considerable nourishing properties and so is often used in anti-aging blends and products. It is excellent for dry, sensitive skin and newly created skin such as baby skin but also for mature skin because of the oil’s high antioxidant content. Because of its softening properties, rice bran oil is excellent to add to hand creams.

This oil is cold-pressed and refined.The refining process includes deodorising and bleaching.
MSDS (375.59 kB)
CoA - KMO1357 (129.58 kB)
CoA - KMO702 (42.67 kB)
CoA - KMO7659 (44.30 kB)
CoA - KMO5295 (122.83 kB)
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