Foaming Bath Bars

Foaming bath bars are basically a variation of the bath bomb. They are bar-shaped and can be broken into smaller pieces if preferred. They gently fizz and foam when immersed in warm water with the foaming action increased with agitation. We have deliberately included a water-softening ingredient to make the feel of the water more luxurious when using these bars.


1) A large mixing bowl
2) Suitable moulds to shape the bars
3) Kitchen scales
4) A hand sprayer containing clean cold water
5) Measuring Spoons


200g Bicarbonate of Soda
100g Citric Acid
50g Sodium Sesquicarbonate (softening ingredient)
50g SLS or similar dry surfactant in Noodles, Prill or Powder.
10ml Fragrance or Essential Oil of your choice
Colour... food/cosmetic/soap liquid colours are generally suitable. Also powdered pigments i.e. ultramarines and oxides.

HOW TO.....

Measure all the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl and thoroughly mix together, sieving first or breaking up any lumps until you have a consistently textured mixture.
Add colour if desired (see below)
If using a powdered pigment like an ultramarine or oxide powder, add to the dry ingredients and mix in well. Add a little at a time until the desired shade is achieved.
If using a liquid colour, add a few drops at a time, mixing in quickly and thoroughly to avoid it fizzing-up.
Measure 10ml of either fragrance or essential oil into the bowl and mix in thoroughly.
Do not leave the mixture to stand or it will slowly start to set. Now, a little at a time and working the mixture all the time, spray a little water on it with the hand sprayer. Mix continuously to avoid it fizzing-up in the bowl and ONLY ADD ENOUGH WATER TO HAVE THE MIXTURE START TO HOLD TOGETHER WHEN LIGHTLY SQUEEZED IN YOUR HAND..
Once this point is reached you need to work quickly to compress the mixture into your moulds.
If using our standard plain soap moulds, this mixture makes enough for approximately 4 bath bars.
You can choose to use all kinds of moulds such as food packaging trays etc.
Leave in the moulds until they appear hard enough to hold together once removed. this will be at least 30-40 minutes.

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