Super Foaming Bodywash


A really simple 'cold process' recipe that makes a luxurious super-foaming Body Wash.
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This recipe can be scaled up in proportion very easily.


1) Accurate weighing scales
2) Callibrated pipette for small quantity measuring
3) 2 suitably sized mixing bowls or jugs
4) Balloon Whisk
5) A stick blender
6) A suitable bottle and lid

HOW TO.....

Phase A: Weigh all the ingredients together in a suitable jug or bowl, mix thoroughly to a thick gel.
Phase B: Weigh/measure all the ingredients together in another jug or bowl, mix thoroughly
Add Phase B to Phase A and mix with a stick blender until homogenised.
Add more water if you want the finished body wash to be less viscous.
Let it settle and pour into suitable bottles.

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