Sugar and Salt-in-Coconut Oil Scrub

Sugar/Salt scrubs are exfoliating scrubs that moisturise and enrich the skin. Designed to be used in or before the shower, they combine the exfoliating effect of sea salt and/or sugar with the moisturising effect of an oil. This recipe uses Virgin Coconut oil for it's wonderful skin-softening properties and to ensure it stays a solid at typical room temperatures, gently melting on the skin when applied.


1) 2 x 250ml screw-top ointment jar.
2) Tablespoon and Cup measures.
3) Mixing bowl.


1 cup (250ml) Fine or Granular white Sugar
1/2 cup (125ml) Coarse Sea Salt
1/2 cup (125ml) Virgin Coconut Oil
15ml (1tbsp) of your chosen essential or fragrance oil

HOW TO.....

Very simple one this...
Thoroughly combine your virgin coconut oil, sugar and salt in a mixing bowl. This will seem quite a dry mix at first, but as you thoroughly mix the ingredients together and the coconut oil softens, it will take on smoother softer feel. Add your chosen essential or fragrance oil and mix together thoroughly. Scoop into jars and leave in a cool place to set.
Important... This product will naturally melt at a little over 25 degC, so be careful when opening the jar if the contents are liquid. Avoid adding too much coconut oil, otherwise once melted, the salt/sugar will settle-out at the bottom of the jar with an oily layer above.

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