Skin Paint


An extremely simple 'cold process' recipe that makes an effective and water-resistant skin paint which can be made using virtually any mineral or mica pigment or microfice glitter (or combination of) to achieve the colour or finish you desire.
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This recipe is designed to make small quantities as a little skin paint will go a long way, although it can be scaled up in proportion very easily.


1) A selection of Teaspoon and Tablespoon-sized measuring spoons
2) A small mixing bowl
3) A mixing utensil (teaspoon or similar)
4) A suitably sized lidded jar or pot

HOW TO.....

Mix together the Pecogel and the pigment into a paste.
Add the glycerine and mix together again.
Add the Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel Base (Ref: 20004A) mixing together again thoroughly. You should now have a smooth translucent paste which can easily be painted directly onto the skin with a suitable brush or applied using a stencil. Before finishing, check coverage to ensure the pigment is opaque enough and if necessary add a little more pigment and/or glitter to improve opacity or effect.


This recipe is NOT suitable for use with dyes, as they may stain the skin. It is important to use approved cosmetic pigments, either mineral pigments for a 'flat' finish, mica pigments for a 'reflective' finish or microfine glitter (on its own or as an addition) to add sparkle.
Once painted on to the skin it should be left to dry for several minutes, after which you'll see it will form as a pigmented film on the skin. This film is water-resistant but can be rubbed off fairly easily or simply washed off with the addition of a little soap or detergant. It is designed to be safe for use on the face and around the eyes and to be 'temporary'.
Once dry, the film is smudge-resistant and non-tacky, making this an ideal product for all kinds of face/body art.

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