Shea and Aloe Butter

This is a very simple recipe to make what is a wonderfully cooling and moisturising butter. Perfect for sunburn or any after-sun application.


1) A saucepan
2) Kitchen scales
3) Electric hand whisk
4) Suitable jars or tins


100g Shea Butter
100g Moisturising Gel Base (aloe-based gel which includes preservative)

HOW TO.....

Weight the shea butter into the saucepan and gently melt over a low heat. Once just melted, remove from the heat and weigh the aloe gel base into the pan with the oil. Take your electric whisk and thoroughly whisk the oil and aloe gel together until it takes on a mousse-like consistency and has cooled. This may take some time, but keep whisking and the cool air introduced to the mixture will start it setting. Once it is well whisked and has cooled and thickened, simply spoon into suitable containers and leave to become completely cold.

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