Moisturising Cream

This recipe is a demonstration of a simple and effective moisturising cream. There are variations on this theme which tailor the combination of oils to more specific skin nourishing properties. As an introduction, the oils in this are chosen to be inexpensive and easily obtainable. Once you've mastered this simple recipe you can go on with more confidence. It most effectively demonstrates the simple addition of more Cetearyl Alcohol as a thickening agent and less water, resulting in a creamy consistency rather than the more watery consistency of a lotion. Compare this recipe directly with the Lotion recipe and see the difference.


1) Small saucepan
2) Hand whisk and/or Electric whisk with a slow speed setting


Sweet Almond Oil
Coconut Oil (hard variety)
Emulsifying wax (steareth-21 variety)
NOTE: This recipe is NOT designed for use with BP or NF varieties of emulsifying wax Cetearyl Alcohol
Citric Acid (granular)
Vegetable Glycerine
Stearic Acid
Clean water (distilled or mineral if you wish)
Preservative (recommend Geogard Ultra)

HOW TO.....

Weigh the ingredients all into the one saucepan in the following quantities...
Sweet Almond Oil: 24g
Coconut Oil: 16g
Glycerine: 2g
Stearic Acid: 5g
Citric Acid: 0.5g
Emulsifying Wax: 10g
Cetearyl Alcohol: 15g
Water: 100g
Put the saucepan over a moderate heat and wait until the coconut oil has almost completely melted. At this stage, the emulsifying wax will be softening to a gel. Whisk gently, preferably with a hand whisk over a moderate heat until the emulsifying wax has completely incorporated and you have a watery-consistency white or white-ish emulsion (do not boil). It is important to keep the mixture HOT but not boiling until ALL the ingredients have completely emulsified with no traces of gel-like substance remaining. It will become completely opaque and a white-ish colour when the emulsifying wax has completed its job, so until this stage, keep on the heat and keep gently whisking, checking to make sure all traces of a clear gel-like substance have disappeared.
Remaining ingredient quantities...
Preservative (Geogard Ultra): 1g (if using any other preservative you should refer to recommended inclusion levels)
Essential or Fragrance Oil (optional) 1% maximum
Remove from the heat and add the preservative (this comes as a powder which dissolves readily in water) and now using a spoon, stir in thoroughly, then continue gently stirring whilst the liquid starts to cool and takes on a slightly more creamy consistency (add optional essential or fragrance oil at this stage), pour into a suitable container and leave to cool further stirring gently as the mixture cools and thickens. Once completely cool you should have a good quality moisturising cream ready to transfer into a suitable jar or jars.
TIP: your mixture will cool much quicker if you place the container in a 'bath' of cold water.
NOTE: The addition of the preservative should guarantee a shelf life in excess of 6 months.
Variations to this theme...
To vary the consistency of this cream, simply add higher or lower quantities of Cetearyl Alcohol. This product can be added up to a maximum recommended inclusion of 25%.
You can replace the water with Lavender or Rose water to add fragrance. You can also choose to add a few drops of your favourite fragrance or essential oil at the same stage as preservative is added.
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