Lotion Bar

Lotion Bars are solid bars of moisturising oils that gently 'melt' onto the skin when rubbed with warm hands, adding moisturising oils and fragrance. This recipe uses lavender oil, but you can easily add your own choice of essential or fragrance oils


1) A saucepan
2) suitable moulds (melt & pour soap moulds are fine)
3) Kitchen scales

HOW TO.....

Gently melt the coconut oil and beeswax together over a low heat. Once just melted add the sweet almond oil and mix thoroughly. Remove from heat and leave to cool (not too much, it still should be liquid). Add the lavender oil once cooled and stir thoroughly.
Whilst cooled but still completely liquid, pour into the moulds and leave to set at room temperature for several hours.
Don't pour hot oils into plastic moulds, they will melt. Ensure the mixture is fairly cool before pouring. Press out of the moulds and they're ready to use.

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