Lip balms are moisturising combinations of waxes and oils that form a barrier to protect the lips helping to prevent cracked and damaged areas of skin. This recipe is hard enough to use in tubes if desired but equally suitable for jars and tins.



1) A small saucepan
2) A glass or heat-proof measuring jug
3) Suitable containers (tubes, jars or tins)
4) Tablespoon/Teaspoon measures OR accurate weighing scales

HOW TO.....

Measure the shea butter and avocado oil into the measuring jug. Measure the beeswax into the saucepan and heat gently until completely melted. Once melted remove from heat and add to the shea butter and avocado oil in the jug mixing thoroughly until all is melted together. Add the flavour if desired and mix thoroughly. If the mixture starts to set you may need to briefly return it all to the pan and apply a little more heat to liquify it again.
Whilst still warm and still liquid, pour into suitable containers (tubes, jars or tins) and leave to cool fully.
There! You've made lip balms. Wasn't that easy!
TIP:... If using lip care tubes be aware that they are generally designed to have extruded hardended content added, so pouring a liquid into these tubes with their rotating mechanism will cause them to leak-out unless you follow the following procedure....
Place the empty lip care tubes upright on a shallow tray and fill the tray with cold water until just covering the base of the tubes where the mechanism is. Before fully filling each tube with melted lip balm, pour a small 'plug' of the melted waxes/oils into the bottom of each tube and allow it to quickly set, which is helped by the cold water. Once the plug is set pour the remainder to fill each tube and leave to fully set.

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