A conventional Pearlised SLES foaming wash base, formulated using a mixture of high-foaming surfactants and skin conditioning agents. Designed to have colour and fragrances/essential oils/essential oil blends added to produce visually appealing finished products combining efficacious cleansing with skin nourishing properties. Simply incorporating different extracts and additives can convert the base into clear hand washes, body washes/shower gels, foam baths, shampoos etc. Viscosity can be increased easily by the addition of a common salt solution. Has an MIT and paraben-free preservative system. Add emolient and conditioning enrichments to improve performance when formulating as a bodywash or shampoo.

Takes essential oils or fragrance oils in excess of 1%.

Takes essential oils or fragrance oils to a recommended maximum of 1%.
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Extended Information>75.0 to .100.0 Aqua
>10.0 to .25.0 Sodium Laureth Sulfate
>1.0 to .5.0 Cocamidopropyl Betaine
>1.0 to .5.0 Sodium Chloride
>1.0 to .5.0 Propylene Glycol
>1.0 to .5.0 Cocamine Oxide
>0.1 to .1 Caprylyl Glycol
>0.1 to .1 Citric Acid
>0.1 to .1 Glycol Distearate
>0.1 to .1 Laureth-4
.0.1 Polyquaternium-7
.0.1 Sodium Hydroxide
>0.1 to .1 Tetrasodium EDTA
>0.1 to .1 Phenoxyethanol
.0.1 Sodium Benzoate
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