Olive Oil, Pomace

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Olea europaea
Excellent for the skin, olive oil attracts external moisture and holds it to the skin forming a breathable barrier without affecting the skin's natural function. Pomace grade is the best for soapmaking and can speed the trace. This is a refined, light, food grade oil, suitable where a paler colour and lighter scent are preferred.
MSDS (161.56 kB)
CoA - LOT0007691 (163.54 kB)
CoA - LOT0005454 (162.67 kB)
CoA - LOT0005570 (56.39 kB)
CoA - LOT0006996 (56.49 kB)
CoA - 0006755 (351.08 kB)
CoA - 0008678 (209.88 kB)
CoA - 0009481 (177.22 kB)
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