Oakmoss Absolute, Green

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Evernia Prunastri
Oakmoss is a species of lichen found in forests in many locations in the northern hemisphere including North America and Central Europe. A dark green colour. It grows on the trunk and branches of oak trees and can also be found on other deciduous trees. With a strong top note, and mossy base notes, this essential oil is often used in high class perfumery. It's a fixative which helps to sustain the fragrance and also adds a lovely, earthy quality.
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Extended InformationOakmoss extract absolute oil, is used as a fixative in perfumery, whereas the concrete is used primarily in soaps, the absolute is the most versatile and is used in all perfume types. The resin and resinoids, which have a poor solubility, are used in soaps, hair preparations, industrial perfumes and low cost products. Use with caution. Dermal sensitizer, toxic, and mucous membrane irritant. Avoid in epilepsy and pregnancy. - dilute before use.
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