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Natural Dyes and Pigments

Natural Dyes and Pigments

Natural Dyes and Pigments

Natural Dyes are similar to synthetic dyes in that they have small particle size and lend their colour to products by solubising, but they are derived from natural sources as is evident from many of their descriptions. The benefits of dyes as opposed to pigments is that they maintain transparency which is ideal in clear liquid bases or in melt and pour soaps. Some dyes are less tollerent of extreme pH environments than others which means not all are suitable for use in alkali products such as CP soaps or in acid environments such as in bath bombs where citric acid is used.

Natural Dyes can come in either powdered, granullar or liquid form. When dilute or further diluted in water, dyes often appear a different colour from that of their concentrated liquid or powdered/granular form. Dyes should always be used sparingly and never added to any dry toiletries in their powdered/granular form.

Dyes will 'bleed' in melt and pour soaps.