Liquid Hand Soap, 105 C. Organic, Palm-Free

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Natural liquid soap base known as 105 C, made by Stephenson in the UK, used for making up liquid soaps, palm-free formula, offered as a low odour, lighter coloured replacement to the liquid castille soap base we used to stock. Can be used as a concentrate if required. This product does not require additional preservative to be added when undiluted to it's high pH level, although when diluted, additional preservative is recommended.

This product has a pH value ranging from 10.5-11.4.

This soap base is made with organic oils.

More Information
Extended InformationAqua 50-100%
Potassium oleate 10 - 25%
Potassium cocoate * 5 - 10%
Glycerin * 1 - 5%
Potassium citrate 0.1 - 0.5%
Citric Acid 0.1 - 5%

APPEARANCE: Clear/ Slightly hazy pale yellow liquid

COMPOSITION: Potassium salt of mixed fatty acids.
CoA - 0006249 (180.05 kB)
CoA - 312711 (425.41 kB)
CoA - 318686 (151.36 kB)
CoA - 0005350 (178.09 kB)
CoA - 0006249 (174.48 kB)
CoA - 0006538 (175.02 kB)
INCI & Specification (132.93 kB)
MSDS (206.96 kB)
CoA - 160386 (39.78 kB)
Full-strength base for making up liquid soaps, made using certified organic oils. May also be used as a concentrate, adding deionised or distilled water at up to 2:1 ratio. All additional essential oils are recommended to be added whilst the product is warmed to 30-35 degC and gently stirred to ensure complete dispersion. Thicken product to final viscosity with a 25% salt solution in deionised water typically at 4% of volume. For full instructions please see the processing guide in the technical documents tab.
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