Liquid Crystal Concentrate

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Liquid Crystal Concentrate is a concentrated blend of surfactants that can be used for the formulation of shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths or liquid hand washes.

The Liquid Crystal Concentrate system provides a simple way of producing a variety of personal care cleansing products of consistent quality. The addition of liquid pearl, and / or conditioning additive increases the look and feel of the product allowing a wide range of variants to be produced from a single concentrate.

Product Characteristics:

- Dilute with water to the desired concentration to produce shampoos, shower gels, foam baths or liquid hand washes
- Can be thickened to desired viscosity using sodium chloride
- Neutral odour provides excellent fragrance lift

MSDS (502.16 kB)
CoA - 160726 (35.04 kB)
CoA - 162283 (34.33 kB)
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