Lip Balm Base, Petroleum Free

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A natural blend of sunflower oil, shea butter and beeswax, designed to have suitable essential oils or flavours added to create moisturising lip balms.

More Information
Extended Information>25.0 to .50.0 Butyrospermum parkii Butter
>25.0 to .50.0 Helianthus annuus Seed Oil
>10.0 to .25.0 Cera alba
>0.1 to .1 Tocopherol
MSDS (172.15 kB)
CoA - SO16KC06241-07 (154.46 kB)
CoA - SO16KC07209-01 (154.97 kB)
CoA - 17586 (65.09 kB)
CoA - SO16KC00722-01 (199.68 kB)
CoA - SO17KC01567-06 (211.37 kB)
CoA - SO17KC00561-09 (202.04 kB)
CoA - SO17KC00634-07 (176.06 kB)
Softer base suitable for packing into pots or jars but can also be used in tubes if desired. We also supply a range of suitable flavour compounds. For a distinct flavour, recommend up to 5% flavour as an addition, although specific inclusion limits should be checked against IFRA guidelines if making your products for sale.
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